Radiant Connection. If I had to name Priya’s essence, that’s what I’d call her. She is an undulating ocean of playful, unassuming strength.
— Syndee Stein, Founder of Deeper Ground, Mother and Wife. Woodland Hills, California.
I don’t know what ‪birth‬ would have looked like with out you, Priya. Every woman should be so lucky to have you by their side during labor. You got naked and vulnerable with me, with out any words and just with the quality of your presence you grounded me. You let me scream, cry and laugh with out judgement. You connected to me from the heart. You stayed with me the entire time and didn’t leave my side once. You held me, you kissed my through the pain. You cared for my son and me. You gave me my placenta the very next day, you were there for me and my tears in the days that followed and helped me heal. I love you, but those words just scratch the truth of how grateful I am for you showing up how you did. Thank you, and may you be blessed a hundred times over for the depth of blessings you gave me and my son.
— Krista Rose Alway, Musician and Mother. Hermosa Beach, California.
Priya knew just where to push on my back to ease the pressure so I could focus on the opening contractions. She has a loving embrace and gave me that support I needed when my husband needed to rest.
— Vaidehi Williams, Water Conservationist, Mother and Wife. Santa Cruz, California.
Priya was just so right for us. Having our first baby meant a great deal of uncertainty. Priya provided such a calm center. Present and thoughtful. She allowed us to focus on being in that moment. As a nervous impending father, I could take walks, breaks and know my wife was supported. My wife had the benefit of Priya’s experience and talents. She provided music, massage, and meditation in an intuitive and kind way.
We love her!

To all the men reading this; get.a.doula. This is as much for you as for your babymaking partner. My wife and I specifically recommend Priya Campbell.
— Mike Beveridge, Teacher, Father, and Husband. Agoura Hills, California.
Priya has a rare gift of being deeply connected within herself, within her body, while being able to empathetically follow your system on a refined somatic and feeling level.

I am a mother of two small children.

I recommend Priya as a doula because of this skill to be with you, sensitive, and understanding of your experience, and able to hold a stable anchor within herself. This creates a safe container for you to drop into you and flow with what is there for you to experience with trust in the organic wisdom of life!
— M.C., Teacher, Mother and Wife. Santa Monica, California
Priya was amazing. She was my comfort and strength. She took really good care of me and addressed all of my needs and concerns with honesty and encouragement. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else. During labor she gave me the support I needed when my fiance could only go so far. I decided to go for the placenta encapsulation she offered in her service. It has been really beneficial to my mood and overall healing and it gives me energy when I’m feeling low. If I have another child, I’ll be calling Priya up again.
— Annette Amor, Artist and Mother. Alhambra, California
My experience of working with Priya during the third trimester of my pregnancy was so unique to any prenatal massage therapy I’d received in either of my pregnancies. Priya offers a seamless and magnificent blend of styles and techniques in her work. In addition to having truly blessed and nurturing hands she has a profound intuitive listening ability that makes her massage treatments very meaningful for the recipient. I felt like she could hear the thoughts in my mind before I was finished thinking them. Little things like, “I need more support under my knees” and before I knew I had the thought she was sliding more pillow under my legs. Feeling this taken care of really allowed me to sink deeper into the bodywork experience that Priya offers more than any other bodyworker I’ve worked with to date. And there have been many. She has mastered a blend of therapeutic styles perfectly tailored to the different needs of a pregnant woman. Priya’s approach to prenatal massage addresses all essential levels of the pregnant woman’s experience and needs. both gross and subtle levels are deeply affected by Priya’s intentionality and skills. The emotional, energetic, and spiritual bodies are left feeling as taken care of as the physical body at the end of her treatments. Priya’s innate understanding and appreciation for stillness in a fast world make her an exceptional prenatal therapist. She takes her time and allows the mama to really slow down and become more in tune with the natural rhythms occurring in her body. Working with Priya during pregnancy is a blessing and any mama and baby would be very lucky to receive her gifts.
— Sarah Zenoff, Marin, California
I met Priya when I was 20 years old. In the 6 years that I’ve known her, she has been a pivotal guiding force in my relationship to my family, my child and myself. Priya has no choice but to heal. She is abundant with a beautiful balance of intuition and expertise in her bodywork. In all the sessions I have received from her, they have always been offered with the highest intentions, in a space of total patience, love and listening that I have only felt from Priya. She has transcended me many times in only ways someone as in-tune, clear and skilled as her can do. She is strong as well as gentle with a fierce open heart.
Priya was the person I called to help deliver my son Koda Shine when I was 23. She arrived and stayed with me until the night I finally delivered, 10 days late. She offered love when needed, distance when needed, and unconditional attention and support through the twelve hour labor as well as the week preparing prior. I cannot be more grateful for the time and selfless energy she dedicated to my son and I. Her humor, love, patience and strength make her an incredible doula. I truly am so grateful for her service.
Priya has changed my life in many ways. As her friend, I can’t even begin to express how she has affected me with her laughter and lessons, timeless spirit and divine honesty. In her work, she is inspiring, dedicated, passionate and brave. I have so much love for this woman and the gift she offers to this world, she is absolutely magic!! Love you Priya!
— Quinn Steckle, Artist and Mother. Oakland, California.