As of December 15th, 2015 I am offering Pathway to Pelvic Power exclusively through Berlin Wellness Group

Preparing & Restoring Your Pelvic Floor and Core

Pathway to Pelvic Power is an integrative mind-body program that helps you to strengthen your relationship with your pelvis, pelvic floor, vagina, cervix, uterus and deep core abdominal muscles.  Through this practice, you will create the physical stability you need for a healthy functioning body and unlock your vital core energy which you need to reach any goal.  This work benefits all women and is crucial during pregnancy, labor and for women who have given birth or plan to give birth in her lifetime.

The Key Elements of this Program Are:


1.     Pelvic floor awareness, sensing, strengthening, toning and softening

2.     Vaginal and cervical release of stress, over-tightening, knots, numbness and emotional holding

3.     Deep abdominal muscle awareness, function, activation, integration and strengthening


Benefits of Pathway to Pelvic Power 

  • have more sustained and higher energy
  • relieve back, shoulder and neck pain
  • improve incontinence
  • reawaken sexual pleasure
  • shorten your labor with decreased chances of interventions
  • create the possibility for pleasure during labor and delivery
  • lower risk for postpartum depression
  • improve or heal diastasis recti (separation and weakening of abdominal wall)


What to Expect in a Pathway to Pelvic Power Session

Sessions are 60 minutes long.  I recommend weekly sessions for optimal results.

During your first session:

I evaluate your current core strength by looking at your posture in walking and standing and take you through a series of basic exercises. This will also help us establish your baseline to be able to track your progress throughout your program.  If you’ve given birth in your lifetime, I check you for diastasis (link to info on diastasis). We discuss your history relevant to your body and pelvis and any issues and pain that are current or recurring.  Working together, we will formulate your goal(s) and create a customized program that works with your lifestyle.      

During your program:

Sessions include physical practices coupled with guided visualization.  The practices are either deeply internal (cervix, vagina) or more external (pelvic floor, deep core muscles).  I share a combination of hands-on practices and verbally guided practices.  Any one session could include both internal and external or focus on only one, depending on what is needed for you.  You will be able to integrate both internal and external practices over the course of your complete program.  This integration will be key to living from your pelvic core in your everyday movements and life.

Priya’s got a rare and extremely needed skill-set that every woman who has given birth should know about!!!! She’s teaching me how to rebuild the strength of my core after giving birth. I’ve done all kinds of exercise and gotten tons of bodywork but none of it seemed to give me that sense of core strength that I experienced before going through a pregnancy and birth. Priya uses breath techniques and really simple, but effective physical exercises that target all the right muscles. She’s amazing.
— Syndee Stein, Founder at Deeper Ground, Mother and Wife. Woodland Hills, California.