You are becoming a mother—holy moly! It’s your birthday as much as it is your baby’s.  You’re the only one who knows in your bones how you want to do it.  You’re also not in control of what happens along the way.  But you do play a part. 

You can either be in calm confidence or you can panic in the face of the intensity of birth.  Interventions are sometimes necessary and thank god we have them. Based on research and my experience, when women panic and don’t have the tools to drop into their strength and re-center themselves, interventions that would otherwise not have been necessary become needed. 

My job is to see you as strong even when you don’t feel like you are.  When you’re in your strength you can make decisions from a calm place based on being connected to your knowing and the valuable information from birth professionals rather than getting lost in fear and doubt and giving up your power of partnering with birth.

I help you access your breath—your main pain tolerance tool—and guide you to have more physical, mental and emotional stamina.  I track your body, emotions and mental activity continuously and show you where you can let go more and steer you back to your strength if you begin to collapse into doubt. 

There are choice points during labor when things slow down, speed up or get really intense.  You will need to make decisions like whether to change positions, break the bag of waters, or get an epidural.  I help you tune into your knowing so that you can make these choices and be the authority of your birth even if it doesn’t look like your picture of how it would be.

As an experienced massage therapist, I also assist you in labor with bodywork and guided meditation as needed. 

Priya, every woman should be so lucky to have you by their side during labor. You got naked and vulnerable with me without any words, and just with the quality of your presence, you grounded me. You let me scream, cry, and laugh without judgement. You connected to me from the heart. You stayed with me the entire time and didn’t leave my side.
— Krista Rose Alway, Musician and Mother. Hermosa Beach, California